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  • Autumn Leaf was designed by Hall China for the Jewel Tea Company who offered it to customers as a premium. First made in 1933, it continued in production until 1978. Pieces with the 1978 in the back stamp are from the overstock that was in the company's warehouse when production ended. There are also matching tumblers and stemware made by Libby Glass Company and a set of enameled cookware that came out in 1979. You'll find blankets, tablecloths, metal canisters and trays, clocks, playing cards and many more items designed around the Autumn Leaf pattern. We have a variety of pieces to choose from at great prices!
  • There is a national collector's club. They can be contacted at:
    Bill Swanson, President NALCC
    807 Roaring Springs Drive
    Allen, Texas 75002