New Vendor Arrived

It is Friday and the beginning of another weekend. What better way to start it off then with the introduction of a new vendor here at the The Co-Op Yesterday & Today Antiques. Jo’s Woodcraft Design has taken a space here and called it Gnome Country by Joleen Swanson. You may have seen her creations at various local craft shows. These handmade gnomes are one of the most adorable and creative things here in the shop. Jolene has a very personal connection to each one she creates. As she puts it, “Each is like a kid to me”. She also goes on to explain that each gnome tends to speak to her as she creates them and have their own unique personality. Each is made with great care and as a testament to this she puts a heart inside each gnome that is signed with love. As if this isn’t enough, she also does macrame wall hangings. She brought a few of these in as well. Take a look at some photos of the creations she has to offer, and you can find Gnome Country in our shelf aisle here at the store. Welcome aboard Gnome Country!!!

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